Enjoying 100% of your walk or hike, without pitfalls, is within everyone's reach... For this we adopt a responsible and respectful behavior towards nature, those who live and work there as well as some rules of good conduct here!

Before leaving

be well informed

Ask about on the characteristics and route difficulties to choose a hike adapted to his level and that of all participants.

partir en randonnée difficulté adaptée a son niveau

Equip yourself well

Randonnée avec le materiel et l'equipement indispensable

Dress up with clothes and shoes suitable and provide protection from the rain.

Have the bon equipement in his bag: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, food, bag to bring back his waste, flashlight or headlamp, first aid kit and survival blanket.

We don't forget

  • to leave with a phone whose battery is 100% charged
  • bybring the topoguide and/or the IGN map
  • to give your itinerary to a loved one when hiking alone
  • de check the weather

And also that nature is a shared space

Randonnée partager espace

We are not alone in frequenting nature, we share space with foresters, farmers and those who practice other sporting activities. So we park in the car parks and we take care not to obstruct the movement of other vehicles (especially tractors and forestry machinery).

And why not consider carpooling or public transport?

During my hike

Respect nature, photograph rather than pick and let others enjoy it.

Randonnée respecter la nature

Bring back your waste (even organic) nature digests them badly! And no fire that destroys the ground for thousands of years!

Randonnée nature rapporter ses dechets

Stay discreet, wild animals live here

Randonnée respect animau sauvages discretion
randonnée respecter les cultures

In nature we are always on the property of others so respect cultures, do not trample the hay meadows which will be used to feed the cattle in winter!

For my safety and that of the herds, close fences and gates carefully after my visit.

Randonnée ferme barriere et clotures

Do not disturb pets or herds and keep her Dog on leash.

Randonnée respect animaux chien en laisse
randonnée rester sur chemin

stay on the path, without taking shortcuts to avoid species trampling and erosion.

Know and respect the markup.

Randonnée balisage FF randonnée

Illustration credits: Fanny Lebagousse