Because climbing in trees is a pleasure accessible to all, we have developed a revolutionary system of climbing in the trees which allows everyone, even with very reduced mobility, to evolve in total autonomy!

Come and enjoy the joy of climbing trees whatever your level of ability!
Our counterweight system: the "effortless-sceur" allows you to climb the tree in total autonomy. Once you have made the transfer with or without our help in the climbing harness (designed with the help of an occupational therapist) you will be able to start moving in the tree.
The groups are often mixed disabled, and you will be surprised to see that everyone evolves with the same ease and the same autonomy!

We will spend a moment perched in the tree to discover its power and its little-known secrets. A real trip, totally incredible where the walkers and the rolling ones leave their daily life to become all "climbers"!
Accessible for all handicapped, elderly and pregnant women.

Additional information : We have different sites suitable for accessible tree climbing, some are equipped with suitable sanitary facilities. Supervisors hold a CQH module A in addition to their diploma.


  • 7 to 107 years
  • Groups welcome up to 40 people.


  • Materials provided

Sports activities

  • Climbing sports / Rope sports


All year round


Group of disabled or disabled people.
Contact us!.


Adapted tourism

  • Adapted benefits for mental impairment
  • Adapted services for visual impairment
  • Wheelchair accessible with assistance
  • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
  • Possibility to drop someone off in front of the site
  • Adapted services for motor impairment
  • Reception staff made aware of the reception of people with disabilities


  • Minimum number of people: 6

Home of animals

  • Animals accepted: Yes
  • Animals accepted without supplement