Put on your sneakers, your bag and let's go to tread the hills of the Pays Voironnais! Views of Lake Paladru, gentle landscapes of the Valdaine or a dry climb to Voiron, download the description of the routes or embed the track in your GPS!
Find field information on the "news" page (works, maintenance work, etc.).

How to use a .gpx file?
Download the .gpx file to your computer or to your smartphone

1. If you have an app on your smartphone:

  • Connect directly to the app (pc or smartphone version)
  • Go to "Import tracks" for example (different name depending on the app)
  • Load the .gpx file
  • Go to your app and look for the file in "My tracks" (different name depending on the app)

2. If you have a GPS:

  • Connect the GPS to the computer using a USB cable
  • Load the .gpx file into the GPS
  • Your GPS contains a “new folder”, “new file”… folder: copy the .gpx files to this folder
  • You can then select the route and use your GPS
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