The label "Pays d'art et d'histoire" is a national network of the Ministry of Culture to share the history, architecture, landscapes and heritage of the territories in a different way.

The "Rendezvous" of architecture and heritage are meticulously concocted encounters by the dynamic team of the Pays d'art et d'histoire. Each encounter is a new source of discovery, an invitation to immerse oneself in the landscapes and stories that have shaped the place. They have been designed for residents and passing visitors to encourage them to browse and explore the many facets of the Pays Voironnais Urban Community.

Find our passionate and talented tour guides to share unique moments!


  • Group reception from 15 person (s).


All year.


Free as part of the annual "Rendez-vous Pays Voironnais" program

For groups, all year round by reservation: €5 per person (or fixed price of €75 if less than 15 people).