Beautiful 1908th century Romanesque building still located on the heights of the old town, surrounded by its cemetery. The old church became a necropolis in the middle of the XNUMXth century before being classified as a historical monument in XNUMX.

Erected in the middle of the cemetery, the old parish church of Saint-Didier has ceased to house parish worship since the construction in the last quarter of the 1863th century of the new neo-Gothic church. As much by its architectural arrangements - basilica plan with triple nave of hall type, vaulted, with arcades resting on composite piles, regular cross with dome on horns surmounted by the bell tower - as by the diversity of its sculpted capitals, this church dating from the middle of the XNUMXth century appears to be unparalleled in the near region. Its imposing bell tower with four floors of bays is justly famous, although poorly dated, since the two upper floors, usually presented as romances, are probably not prior to the XNUMXth century. The radical and not very discreet restoration undergone by the building in XNUMX unfortunately greatly reduced its archaeological interest.


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