Go in search of the secret of the Guild of the Brunerie! Armed with a grimoire and a notebook, take up this challenge as a team! 5 different treasure hunts divided by age groups and by level.

There are 5 permanent treasure hunts located in the park.
By level and age groups, to be done in teams of 5 people maximum. Depending on the number of participants, we will set up deferred departures.

- Dragon Hunt (green) for ages 6 and up
Set off in search of traces of legendary creatures ... Combine riddles and puzzles hidden in the heart of childish legends, that is, 1 hour of intense emotions!

- Pirate Hunt (green) for ages 7 and up
Your sailors will go in search of lost treasure on Turtle Island, following Captain Pat'Poil's clues!

- Indiana Codex hunt (blue) for ages 9 and up
An Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt… Codes to decipher, deduction and analysis… to solve the final poetic and mysterious enigma!

- Illusion hunt (red) for ages 15 and up
Our senses are deceiving us! Illusions, pretenses and references to undeniable big screen successes are scattered throughout this hunt.

- Adult hunting (black) for 15 years and over
General knowledge, word games and puzzles dot your path ... Will you be able to see and understand what you already have in front of you?

Any resemblance to real life facts or characters can only be coincidental.

Compulsory accompaniment by team of minors. Autonomous activity, unsupervised: the organizers expect participants to behave in an exemplary manner and to show fair play. Any degradation, non-compliance with the law, fraud or act of violence in the park will engage the individual responsibility of its author.

Additional information : Minors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult on the course (accompanying person free). No special clothing required. Only available in French.


  • From 6 years old)
  • Duration of the session: 90 min


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Special family with children
  • Adolescent special


  • Supervised practice

Sports activities

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Orienteering


Reservation strongly recommended!
Online booking.


From March 23 to November 03, 2024, every day.
Detailed opening days and times will be online soon.


Adult: €14 (Red and Black Treasure Hunt (Illusions and Adult)
Child: €12 (Green and blue treasure hunts (Dragon, Pirate and Indiana Codex).
Free accompanying adult (children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult).
Deposit of 10 € for the grimoire.

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cash
  • Classic Holiday Vouchers
  • Paypal

Home of animals

  • Animals accepted: No


SOUTH ACCESS: Free parking from the entrance arch to the Brunerie Campus. Continue on foot for 5 to 8 min. following the ``Parc Aventures`` signs.

EASTERN ACCESS: Unmarked (free) parking space located on either side of the entrance arch facing the Laundries area. Continue on foot for 2 to 3 minutes. by following the ``Parc Aventures`` signs.