The Moïles loop, thanks to many thematic stops, allows you to discover the formation of these spaces but also the traces left by man over the centuries. The fauna of these wetlands is rich and particularly diverse.

Several ancient meanders of the Isère, by deepening the glacial valley of Grésivaudan, have forged wet meadows and afforestation. These remarkable samples of meadows and alluvial forests make it possible to imagine the wild plain of Isère before the hydraulic and motorway developments.

The interest of these sites is to conserve environments which have now become rare.
The presence of rare species such as the swamp ragwort, the reed sparrow or the Mercury borer confirms the interest of these sites. But the most remarkable habitats are the wet meadows with marsh orchids, also suitable for birds and marsh copper. The softwoods are home to many woodpeckers and wood-eating insects which are declining everywhere.

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