With 14 circuits and 4 sites departing from Chalais en Chartreuse, Lake Paladru, Saint-Geoire en Valdaine (multi-hiking resort), and Voiron, your race will be punctuated by the diversity of landscapes between lakes, hills and plains. .

Local ambassador - Interview with Mikaël Passero, winning trail runner and podiums in many races.
Trail running is a great practice of endurance. It's complete, there is a taste for effort and the discovery of different places.
As a mid-mountain, the Pays Voironnais offers trail-running terrain for the general public, in the sense that everyone can enjoy it and find their way around.
Accessible to all levels, the paths are less technical, wider, without too many stones and with affordable elevations.
It also allows you to progress at your own pace. The beginner can run (while in the high mountains he would walk), and the advanced plays the duration and the speed
for his performance. Thanks to the development of trail circuits, practice is also greatly facilitated.
Routes are identified, marked, maps downloadable and everything is connected!
Living in Montferrat, my personal favorite is really the complete tour of Lac de Paladru. It gives a meaning, a goal of the game, like when we arrive at a summit or on a particular site; that's what I prefer. This is where I train whether for competitions or for my activity
secondary school as a sports coach and trainer.

On the Paladru lake side, Charavines hosts 4 routes (2 greens of 9 and 11 km, 1 blue of 14 km) and Paladru 2 (2 blues of 13,5 and 17 km), for beginners to experienced trail runners. For the most experienced, a 25km long tour starting from Paladru on the heights of the lake (equivalent to the course of the Trail du Lac de Paladru race), offers a vast training ground where you can practice all year round!
On the Chartreuse side, the departure from Chalais en Chartreuse offers 3 more sporty routes with greater elevations (1 blue of 15,6km, 1 red of 15,4km and 1 black of 22,8km).
The Combe Versoud multi-hike station in Saint-Geoire en Valdaine offers 3 circuits (1 green of 4,6 km, 1 blue of 10,8 km, 1 red of 22,9 km).
Finally, in Voiron, don't miss the “Montée de Vouise”, a 1 km route for 1,8 m of elevation, after a warm-up time with a 430 km approach. On arrival, under the statue of Notre-Dame de Vouise, a superb panorama is offered over the whole of Voiron…



  • Distance: 211.4 km


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