Its orientation allows magnificent morning flights accessible to all and in a weak southerly wind, before the valley breeze sets in and makes landing too problematic, even impractical. This site also allows cross-country departures.

Take off: orientation: S for paraglider - altitude 1030m.

Landing: new large landing in the middle of the valley. Watch out for the valley breeze which becomes very strong and oriented N from midday. Altitude 190m.
The old landing (rugby ground in Voreppe) is only for the case where the previous one cannot be reached - altitude 200m.

CAUTION: Area under aviation regulations: flight <FL95. Close to CTR2 Grenoble and TMA15 Lyon, can be activated between mid-December and mid-April.

FFVL site, managed by AEC n ° 38005.

2021 information not communicated



All year.

Subject to favorable weather conditions.


Free access. For people with their own equipment.


Activities on site

  • Air Sports
  • Take-off and landing site

Home of animals

  • Animals accepted: not communicated


At the roundabout in the town center of Voreppe, take the direction of the Chalais monastery, 7 km uphill then park your vehicle at the pass and follow the signs until take off, 20 minutes on foot.

Take off near the Aiguille de Chalais, accessible by a path, from the parking lot of the Monastery of Chalais and at the start of the hiking trails.

Landing site in the plain at a place called "Rivalières", between Chevalon de Voreppe and the Novotel (road D3C). The landing field is not the first field on the roadside, surmounted by a high voltage line: it is the second, adjacent field, which is therefore further south (see photos). Respect the cultivated field under this power line: do not cross it in the middle.
You must park in the car park before the railway line when coming from Voreppe. No parking on the field.