A few minutes from Grenoble, Voiron and Voreppe, the Montaud take-off site is a magnificent afternoon and evening site, located at the northern tip of the Vercors massif. It allows fabulous flights, the passage over the ridges is a great moment!

Its orientation and the cliffs mean that it is only in the sun in the afternoons and evenings from April and until October. The forest road that goes up at takeoff is natural snow clearing.

This magnificent site allows long evening soaring flights (3 km along the cliffs), and a cross-country departure towards the South along the Vercors W (Pont-en-Royans and more if affinities!). The cross to the Grand Ratz, with return, is also quite possible.
On the other hand, beware of the turbulent landing: beginners, wait until the evening to land!

Take off: orientation: NW and N, (light NE) for paragliding and hang gliding - altitude 1300m.
Landing: at Montaud (not visible from takeoff, but visible at the 1st turn - altitude 700m.

WARNING: Area under aviation regulations: flight <FL95. Close to an aerial area (flight <FL65) on the edge of the valley going towards Valence (to the NW of the site). Close to CTR2 Grenoble and TMA15 Lyon, can be activated between mid-December and mid-April. Mandatory verification, every 30 minutes, of the status of the space before penetration by listening to the ATIS message broadcast by telephone (

FFVL site, managed by AEC n ° 38017.

Tips and Suggestions: 
Hike possible to the Mortier tunnel, abandoned since 1992. This is an area where you can see chamois early in the morning.


From April 1 to October 31, 2022, every day
In winter, snow prevents access to the site.


Free access. For people with their own equipment.


Activities on site

  • Air Sports
  • Take-off and landing site

Home of animals

  • Animals accepted: No


Take off: located at the end of the old Mortier road (forest) accessible after the locality "Le Coing" after the village of Montaud.

Landing: located above the large barn, at a place called "Cote Maillet"
Be careful with a strong westerly and northerly wind: heavy turbulence above the landing field. Watch out for the electric fences that supply the adjacent cow yard. Prefer landing against the slope for deltas.

Parking prohibited in the yard: herringbone parking alongside the barn. No picnic and inflating on land. Respect the agricultural installations and respect the hay.