"Media and Information" events

To 30 March 2023


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The libraries of the Pays Voironnais offer activities around Media and Information Education. Conference, meeting, screening, chatting coffee, workshop on social networks...

Media and Information Literacy (MIL): what is it? It is a real toolbox for fighting misinformation, providing keys to understanding the media and digital worlds, forming critical judgement, developing a taste for current affairs, forging one's identity as a citizen, strengthening one's analytical skills. information conveyed by the media, the Internet and social networks and develop critical thinking.

These events are organized as part of the reading territory contract of the Ministry of Culture and the Reading Plan of the Department. All events are free, subject to availability.



  • Adolescent special


From 10/03 to 30/03/2023, every day.


Free. Within the limit of available seats.


In the Pays Voironnais library network.