11 Janvier 2023

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Antigone, an ancient tragedy revisited by Brecht after the Second World War, confronts humanity with its demons, those of murderous madness, thirst for conquest, lies and injustice.

Creon, tyrant of Thebes, leads the war against Argos. Eteocles dies in battle, his brother Polynice wants to desert; Creon kills him, orders that his body be left unburied. Antigone, their sister, revolts. Faced with state violence, she does not invoke the gods as in Sophocles, but the human. A figure of spontaneous resistance fighter, Antigone opposes the arbitrariness of power, the cruelty of ambition. Jean-Vincent Brisa stages her in a bare space, in the costumes of modern warriors to remind us, with Brecht, that tyranny still threatens humans.


Wednesday 11 January 2023 from 20 a.m. to 22 p.m.


Adult: from 17 to 20 €, Child: 10 €, Student: 12 €.

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