Sewing workshop “Make your personal towels!”

November 24, 2022


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Learn how to sew washable menstrual pads, a zero waste alternative to the many disposable pads... A zero waste workshop organized by the Pays Voironnais led by Perle de Couture.

A sewing workshop to make your washable intimate towels!

This sewing workshop is an opportunity to leave with your own creations that will allow you to have in your daily business an economical solution to these countless disposable sanitary protections! Washable pads fit your underwear, last for years to use, and keep you dry all day. Without products harmful to health or the planet, they are the perfect alternative.

Open to everyone from 12 years old whatever your level in sewing. Materials provided.


Thursday 24 November 2022 from 18 a.m. to 21 p.m.