Concerto for 2 Clowns

03 March 2023

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Mime, acrobatics, music, just a few words. The Wandering Kings speak a universal language. Whether you are an old philosopher or a young child, you are surprised, you marvel, you laugh, you are moved.

On stage, two clowns that everything opposes, she a beautiful marquise, he a peasant. Between them, the same desire to play a high-level musical and physical score. On the program: Vivaldi, Strauss, Bach... A classical concerto whose excess, eccentricity and comedy have no limit.

Traditional clowns or new clowns? The Wandering Kings are above all “poets in action” according to Henry Miller's formula. They give us wings to travel with them part of our path as humanity. Because clowns don't play comedy. If they have a red nose or a white mask and extravagant clothes, it is to better expose themselves.



  • Special family with children


Friday 3 March 2023 from 20 p.m. to 21 p.m.


Full price: €20, Reduced price: €17, Child: €10, Student: €12.

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