Lecture & concert by Rebecca Cruz

30 March 2023


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Conference followed by a concert, on the place occupied by female artists in globalization, given by Rebecca Cruz on the occasion of the Voiron Jazz Festival 2023!

Venezuelan musician and musicologist, Rebecca Roger Cruz is a singer and artistic director within the Trobairitz Ensemble, she notably leads the groups Aa'in and Parranda La Cruz and collaborates among others with the Maîtrise de l'Opéra de Lyon. She has shared the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Jorge Glem, Betsayda Machado or Ceferina Banquez...
This conference followed by a mini concert will be an opportunity to discuss the history of Venezuela and the place occupied by female artists in the globalization of traditional genres and their inclusion in the context of contemporary music. The objective will be to provide the keys necessary for understanding the processes of mixing Afro-Venezuelan music and their hybridization.


Thursday 30 March 2023 at 19 pm.