Conference "Science and women"

08 March 2023


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A little tour in our history to flush out all the mathematicians from Pythagoras to the present day to shed a different light on the lack of parity in scientific careers.
Lecture by Serge Cecconi.

Looking at the winners of the Fields Medal since its inception in 1936, of the 52 medals awarded, not one has been awarded to a woman.
Since the high school reform in 2019, mathematics is no longer compulsory from the first.
Result: the number of girls enrolled has drastically decreased.
Why are girls doing less and less math?
They were already barely a third in the preparatory classes that lead to engineering schools, they are only a quarter since the new baccalaureate.
The paradox is that girls are always better than boys until the end of the year. So why this disaffection?
Could there be biological type differences between a male brain and a female brain?
How can we explain this female disaffection for scientific careers in general and mathematics in particular. Biological sexism or cultural sexism?


Wednesday 8 March 2023 from 18:30 p.m. to 20:30 p.m.