Conference "The animal in art"

02 October 2022


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As part of the cultivated breakfasts, discover "animality in art" a conference by Fabrice Nesta. A joyful meeting around art!

With animality, a vast subject, we will approach 3 aspects: the animal represented in art, the relationship between man and animal and finally the animality that inhabits each of us and which sometimes expressed in the work of art through gestures or a certain ferocity. A way of being in the world.

Visual artist, Fabrice Nesta teaches drawing and art history at the Grenoble-Valence School of Art and Design.
At the same time, for more than twenty years, it has offered conferences in museums or art centres, galleries or festivals, schools or training establishments, associations and private companies mainly around modern and contemporary art.
He leads many workshops in schools as part of the "PLEA", local plan for artistic education, or through teaching experiences in different places, in particular within the framework of Culture and Health (in connection with hospitals) or even in a penitentiary.


Sunday 2 October 2022 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.