Dance "If I were you"

18 Janvier 2023

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The place of a human being in the world, what is it? A place that “is”, that we take, that we are given or lent to us, that we imagine, that we defend, that we share. A “place” is not static, it evolves, it moves all the time.

A place, a time, a gender, a nationality, a social and family situation, ambitions and dreams, successes, failures, relationships, recognition: it seems to be all of these at once. A “place” is not static, it evolves, it moves all the time.

The choreographer Manuel Chabanis and three dancers from the Scalène company explore these moving spaces by also asking the question of the other: to look at him and to see him, without a priori, to let this mute dialogue settle in as fluidly as possible, open up, relax, and maybe imagine yourself in the other person's shoes.


Wednesday 18 January 2023 between 20 p.m. and 21 p.m.


Reduced price: €17, Adult: €20, Child: €10, Student: €12.

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