Exhibition “Animal cum Animali”

To 02 October 2022


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Confronting the animated and the inert, Virginie Cavalier questions the relationship to the animal. Fixing the feeling of belonging to the living community, it ritualizes through attempts at animalization and humanization.

She hunts down “leftovers”, “trophies”, abandoned remains in the farms of small producers and during mountain walks where they were delivered to putrefaction and, once cleaned for some, treats them for their conservation.

This collection process defines the ethics of his practice.

Taking the remains out of their context, it tends to make the subject more palpable through accumulation, diversion, valorization: a hunting trophy is at the service of questions.
On the one hand, it creates rites of cultural, funerary, behavioral transpositions, from human to animal and vice versa. On the other, it tries to repair the body, it uses parts from different species, reassembles them, mixes them: hybridizations which are closer to the generic idea that we have of the word "animal" than of the reality of a living being.

Evoking the cabinet of curiosities, shamanism or witchcraft, it addresses animist culture, where beings ensure their rightful place in the environment.


Open from September 3 to October 2, 2022 on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14:30 p.m. to 18 p.m.


Free access.