From 01 August 2022


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During 3 exceptional evenings on the theme of the circus, the Grange orchard comes alive. An appointment not to be missed for the whole family! Think carpooling and bring a plaid to sit on!

3 evenings, 3 shows:

- Monday, August 1: "Corde et Discorde" by Les alter égoïtes.
Theatrical performance - Duration: 45 min.
Two vagabonds covet the same place. Each with their language, one clumsy and playful, the other determined and agile, they will do everything to convince each other that the coveted place is for them.

- Tuesday, August 2: "I see you" by B-Side Company.
Acrobatic lift quartet - Duration: 50 mins.
Through the acrobatic lifts we discover the inner world of a woman, revealing the play of her emotions and her colored shadows. A waltz for four that mixes circus and theatre.

- Wednesday August 3: "Strange strangers" by the Duo Kilombo
Circus / worn on unicycle
In the hostility of this world, we look askance at our neighbors, we spy, we are wary, we are afraid… because we don't know each other. Different personalities, divergent means of expression, everything lends itself to misunderstanding between these two characters. Unicycle, carried on a unicycle, hand to hand and juggling link the two characters, who meet upside down and share the same wheel. To prove wrong the expression “everyone at home and the sheep will be well looked after” and to share with the public a moment of welcome and tolerance, Etranges Etrangers offers a few moments of lightness and optimism. But if one encroaches on the territory of the other, then what happens?

Online booking open from June 25 via our online ticket office:

Catering cooked on site and offered by the food truck Ici Pasta ( for your possible reservations.

Tips and Suggestions : Enjoy the setting and an exceptional opening of the Grange until 19 p.m.!



  • Special family with children


Reservation possible from June 25 directly online.


From Monday August 1 to Wednesday August 3 at 20 p.m.


Free. Reservation required from June 25 (limited places).

The programme

Spectacle «Etranges étrangers»

Show "Strange Strangers"

Villages of Lake Paladru
Spectacle «Corde et discorde»

“Rope and discord” show

Villages of Lake Paladru
Spectacle «Je te vois»

"I see you" show

Villages of Lake Paladru


From Grenoble A 48, direction Lyon, exit Rives, then D 520 to Oyeu and D17 to Le Pin.