Outside the Walls – Dékoncert “Music and Circus”

30 September 2022

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Sometimes musicians, sometimes circus, sometimes august and sometimes white clowns, the two inventive, funny and moving performers will surprise you throughout this concert-show where music is at the service of mischief.

Hippolyte, star musician and megalomaniac, comes on stage for his concert. His faithful and dedicated assistant, Gérard, must respond to each of his wishes to ensure the smooth running of this concert. But in his eagerness and his desire to do too well, he will take up more and more space.
The bullets hit the ground, the melodies bounce, the violin flies away, and the concert weaves together. We are witnessing an original encounter where circus and music are one. A tasty combination for a disconcerting concert combining musical ingenuity, circus prowess and poetry.



  • Special family with children


Friday 30 September 2022 between 20 p.m. and 21 p.m.


Reduced price: €10, Adult: €10, Child: €8, Student: €10.

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