Outside the Walls – “Dima” show

07 October 2022

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Dima is a wolf killer, he looks for their tracks, he follows the footprints. We give him money for that. One day, under a tree, he meets a woman. They immediately fall in love.

She is a wolf-woman. To stay together, they must make a pact with the pack. A metamorphic pact between the species: she will become a woman, will never be a wolf again, and Dima, he will no longer have to kill, under pain of being transformed into a wolf.
It sounds like a fairy tale and everything could be simple. But, as he no longer hunts, Dima no longer has a job. The couple therefore has no more money and their child is freezing to death. Only a wolf skin could save him...
As part of the month of the forest organized by the Agriculture, Forest and Rural Development Service of the Pays Voironnais.


Friday 7 October 2022 between 18 pm and 30 pm.


Adult: 10 €, Child: 8 €.

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Check
  • Vacation check
  • Culture Check
  • Pass'Région
  • Youth Checkbook
  • Culture pass