Inauguration of the « Voiron Jazz Festival 2023 »

21 March 2023


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Launch as it should be in Voiron of the " Voiron Jazz Festival 2023 ", led by the trumpeter Thomas le Roux, the group " The Stomp Factory " pays tribute to the Jazz Bands of the first hours. Inauguration followed by their "indoor" concert at the Salle des Fêtes

Celebrating the spirit of Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong or Buddy Bolden, this formation perpetuates the Jazz tradition of New Orleans.

Thomas Le Roux: Trumpet
Anthony Bonniere: Trombone
Boris Pokora: Clarinet
Gregory Aubert: Banjo
Raphael Martin: Sousaphone
Josselin Perrier: Drums


Tuesday March 21, 2023: Parade at 18 p.m. Concert at 19 p.m.