Jérémy Frérot

16 December 2022

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For Jérémy Frérot, music is synonymous with sharing. Witnessed, until 2017, the crazy adventure of Fréro Delavega. After a first solo album, Matriochka, with melancholic chords, it's time to let go.

Love, friends, shit, what we bequeath to children and what we learn about ourselves over time… These are the territories that Best Life explores, a cheerful and luminous second album, a warm invitation to party and friendship.

The singer likes to roll out funky and soulful accents that raise the groove, to sing that everything is possible for those who take life on the bright side. We hear it from the first notes, these new titles are cut for the stage, where Jérémy Frérot is at home: this better life is now to be imagined together.


Friday 16 December 2022 from 20 p.m. to 22 p.m.


Reduced price: €36, Adult: €39, Child: €23, Student: €33.

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