July 02 2022


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To close the project in the Art of time carried out with local artists for the year, we offer you a time of sharing, workshops, tales, philosophy, a concert; a friendly moment around the artists near you...

Your media library, with the support of the Municipality, offers you a participatory project of artistic enhancement.
In these particular times, we wish to promote local know-how and support forms of creation by inhabitants.

The Jessandwest artists will come to close this day! We thank them for their participation! Jessandwest is a Folk-Blues duo that comes to us from the depths of the intimate: a story of twin brothers. This is the story of Jesse and Wesley.
Created in 2014, Jessandwest begin their concerts during the Fête de la Musique in Voiron in Isère then in campsites, bars, local restaurants. Composed then of three members (Jesse, Wesley and Duncan).
The group did not stop growing until obtaining a good experience of the stage and the public, the last of which at The Voice! congratulations to them

This approach is part of a citizen and cultural perspective where each actor has his place, his meaning and his values. Whatever its scale, its specificities, each territory has
its dynamics and its cultural wealth. We are convinced that art and its practices remain accessible to all. Thanks to you, we hope that this wealth of territory emerges and shines around a common synergy by enhancing the human ties that cement it.
Looking forward to doing this project with you,
The team in the Art of Time


Saturday 2 July 2022 from 10 a.m. to 23 p.m.