Lynda Lemay

November 05, 2022

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In an era where we must adapt to a constantly changing reality, Lynda Lemay offers a show where spontaneity is the star.

The artist, who recently embarked on a long journey with his monumental project Once Upon a Time (eleven albums of eleven songs in 1111 days!),
promises a repertoire that changes color over time.

His chiseled verses dissect with petulance and precision themes such as family, old age, "manishness", love, mourning... In La vie est un conte de fous, the laughter is as crazy as the tears are full of meaning.

Flanked by her prodigious guitarist/pianist/backing vocalist Claude Pineault, Lynda invites spectators to dive heart first into the depths of the life she recounts, at the risk of drowning their eyes a few times.


Saturday 5 November 2022 between 20 pm and 23 pm.


Reduced price: €48, Adult: €51, Child: €23, Student: €45.

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