Exceptional opening of the Bilieu church – Exhibition of old chasubles

18 September 2022


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On the occasion of the exceptional opening of the church of Bilieu, come and discover the exhibition of old chasubles. The little extra: a breathtaking view of Lake Paladru.

The church and the town:

Long a central architectural element in a Western village, the church was the place where people gathered for the milestones of human existence, from birth to death, thus playing an undeniable social role. The 1789 revolution was a period of great turmoil that initiated many changes, including a secularization of social life. Now, a shortage of priests and a disaffection for regular religious practice means that small churches often remain closed and underutilized. But, malice of history, they are nevertheless an integral part of the municipal heritage. Our pretty little church is an important witness to the past, distant and close too, of our village. Bringing it to life in the present is the responsibility of our commune.

Bilieu Church:

The current church was rebuilt in 1840 on the site of the previous one which existed at least since the beginning of the XNUMXth century, date of the oldest written sources available to us today: from the origins to the current church, crossing the turmoil of the Revolution, we will tell you the thrilling story of the Saint-Alban church during a free visit of the building: a story of devotion, crime, and charity.

The habit does not make the monk, but the party makes the chasuble!

During religious celebrations, liturgical vestments come in a range of colors with symbolic meaning. Over the embroidery and gilding, (re)discover the major holidays of the Catholic calendar, their colors and their meaning; a delicate encounter between artistic craftsmanship and religious traditions.

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Sunday 18 September 2022
Open from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m.



Reduced mobility

Adapted tourism

  • Wheelchair accessible with assistance


Parking recommended in the town center (signs for 600 meters to the church)