Investigative evening at the Château de Longpra

08 October 2022

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"A family treasure" is a theatrical, ambulatory and interactive show. As investigators, you will meet the different characters. Pay attention to what they tell you and face their trials to earn clues!

1911. At the heart of the Belle Époque, when the life of a family from the Dauphiné bourgeoisie, accompanied by their devoted servants, followed its daily routine, an old legend resurfaces: a treasure, of inestimable wealth, would be hidden in the heart of the family home. But a malevolent and ghostly Spirit seems to have woken up to search for him! Who is this "ghost"? Assumptions are going well and the noose is tightening on the family and its servants.

Meet the different characters and solve the puzzle. As a team, you will have to trust each other to get to the end of the game.

Free information : Groups of children must be accompanied by adults.



  • Compulsory vaccination pass


Saturday 8 October 2022.
1st session at 17 p.m.
2nd session at 20:30 p.m.


Single price: 10 €.