Show "Boors!"

01 April 2023

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Come and attend the musicalo-burlesque show offered by the "Cie Han" combining singing, storytelling, burlesque theater and music. With Carole Joffrin and Neda Cadeiro. This show for young audiences will be followed by creative workshops and a friendly time.

What is it to be a donkey? At school, in life? Our society requires us to make every effort to correspond to the model of the horses, efficient, racy, fast, elegant. Donkeys, the slow, the clumsy, the different, often stay on the sidelines. And if it was on the side that grew the tastiest wildflowers, the sprigs of freedom? And if the insane were wise men who are unaware of themselves? What if being an ass wasn't so bad after all?


Saturday April 1, 2023 at 15 p.m.


Full price: €6,50, Reduced price: €5 (MJC member).

Reservation highly recommended.

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