Show “Purjex, the world is saved”

03 December 2022


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On the occasion of the Festival des Solidarités, enjoy a show in the form of an innovative and absurd demonstration that humorously questions our relationship to waste, food and

They are four. Four members of the same family who work within their modest company to "Save the world". To do this, only one method: To make you discover and adopt "PURJEX +", a unique, new, revolutionary product that will allow you to transform your waste into food! Brigitte Broutt, Jean-Philippe Purje, Jean-Claude Brigitte and Brice Delombric unite their enthusiasm, their megalomania and their convictions to prove to you that thanks to "PURJEX +", everything becomes drinkable! "PURJEX, the world is saved!"

Show bonimenté to swallow without throwing anything! Nothing is lost, nothing is thrown away, everything is consumed, with Purjex®, a society without bins and without waste. At table ! Purjex® makes waste edible!


Saturday December 3 2022
Opening at 11 a.m. and 16 p.m.


Free access.