"Hans and the Suspenders" Theater

November 19, 2022

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Hans is an only child. He wants a baby sister, but there isn't enough money at home to feed another mouth. It seems that in the roses, there are free little girls. And roses, you can find them at the HYPERGÉANTWORDKAZINOMARKET!

Carried away by the rhythm of his fraternal desire, the legs on the alert, Hans leaves for the temple of consumption without a penny in his pocket. Then begins the initiatory journey of Hans. Smart, he sings his track so as not to get lost on the way back. Along the way, he meets unique characters who teach him the powers of music. Will he find a little sister? What is the HYPERGÉANTWORDKAZINOMARKET really the name of?


Saturday 19 November 2022 between 11 pm and 12 pm.


Single price: 7 €.

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