Guided tour of the Saint-Georges Church

18 September 2022


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Guided tour of the Saint-Georges church, listed as a historical monument on December 24, 1907, located in the heart of the village.

It dates back to the 2008th century, contemporary with the first Lords of Clermont. It was only a chapel then. Built in blocks of chartreuse limestone and tuff (a porous limestone material), it was often modified and renovated in 4 by local craftsmen under the aegis of the DRAC. The interior architecture is original, there are 5 pillars on the left, 1 pillars on the right, testifying to the numerous alterations carried out in the 1775th century. Very old decorations are very rare in our region. The wooden altar with its two tabernacles is anachronistic. It was brought back by Marshal Guillaume Dode de la Brunerie from his Spanish campaign with Napoleon I. Born in Saint Geoire in 1851, he was still only a colonel. The birthplace of the Marshal (son of a notary from St Geoire, who lived through the French Revolution) is located at the top of the rue de Verdun (street between the Auberge du Val d'Ainan and "Les Saveurs du Monde"). Marshal Dode de la Brunerie lived until 17, after having surrounded Paris with fortifications and created the National Gendarmerie. The wooden stalls in the nave are remarkable. These are caricatures of characters from the end of the XNUMXth century. We are not sure of their origin, but we find the same caricatures in Northern Italy (Piedmont). It was probably donated by the Clermont family. A painting representing Saint Anthony and the Way of the Cross was offered by the family of Laurent Bouvier, contemporary painter of the Impressionists with whom he studied at the Swiss school. The latter also renovated the Château de Cabarot, a former Ursuline convent.
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The Church will be open on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18, 2022.

History, culture and heritage : The Church of Saint Georges, listed as a historic monument on December 24, 1907, is located in the heart of the village of Saint Geoire en Valdaine, on Place André Chaize.
Seven "castles" punctuate the sunny side, the sunny side of the village. The town hall (or castle of Montcla) and the castle of Longpra can be visited. The other domains: la Lambertière, la Rochette, Clermont, Cabarot and l'Etergne are private properties.



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Sunday 18 September 2022
Guided tour from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and from 12 p.m. to 13 p.m.



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