Distance: 4.5 km
Level: Green Level - Easy
Level: Suitable for beginners
Level: Special family with children
Level: Mountain bikers
Elevation: 59 D +
Departure: Saint-Geoire-en-Valdaine
MTB markings, circuit n ° 31.
Pond less than 300 m away, In the countryside
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Attention, be careful when crossing the secondary road.

By bike

By mountain bike

Circuit for beginners and ideal for family riding. You will evolve on a completely flat circuit and will take extremely fun single-track paths from footbridge to footbridge over the Ainan!

You cross one of the richest natural sites in the Isère department (Natura 2000 zone): stay on the path and be as discreet as possible in order to respect the tranquility of Fauna and Flora.
The +: the multi-hike station, the spot for multi-activities and the picnic break.

Points of interest

Station multi-randos

Multi-hike resort

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  • Green Level - Easy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Special family with children
  • Mountain bikers


Free access.

Equipments & services


  • Aire de pique-nique
  • Parking lot
  • Free parking


  • Pet Friendly