Distance: 11.9 km
Duration (average) : 3h
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Elevation: 239 D +
Departure: Montferrat
Yellow paint markup and directional posts at the main intersections (if there is no markup, stay on the main road).
In the countryside
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Portion of a road without a shoulder (over 400m along the D50c)


A little hike in the land of cows? It is in the north of the Pays Voironnais that you will meet them most easily. The farms scattered throughout the mountains and valleys raise cows of various breeds there, both for milk and meat.

You will discover Montbeliardes (red piebald dress and big eyes!) or Prim'Hosltein (black and white dress) for milk. The lucky ones will even be able to see a few French Simmentals (rather light red piebald dress) ...
For meat, the famous Charolais (all white) or even Limousines (bright wheaten dresses) feast on natural grass from spring to autumn.
The little extra: the beautiful Vivier pond.

Good discoveries!

Additional information : - Shops in the town center of Montferrat - Public toilets next to the church - Montferrat beach (10 minutes by car) - La Ferme Moulin offers direct sales on Saturday mornings as well as a farmers' market on Wednesdays from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m. (for milk, distributor accessible 24 hours a day)

Topo/step by step: 
Stages of the circuit with the name of the signposts to follow: - Leaving the car park, turn right onto rue du Bourg - Montferrat Village - La Croix du Palard - Ferme du Mont NB: The route passes through a field with cows. If you have a dog or if you are not comfortable in the presence of free animals, follow "contournement Bois Reyer par la route" - Bois Reyer - Le Gréhaut - Sourilloud - Bois Châtel - Saint-Pierre de Paladru - Vernatet - Montferrat Village - Parking Montferrat

Tips and Suggestions: 
Do you often hike in Pays Voironnais? Come and discover the map of walks and hikes in our reception offices in Voiron and Lac de Paladru (on sale at 5 €).

Sustainable tourism : 
Mother Nature thanks you for leaving with your waste, she digests it badly! Respect cultures and private properties by staying on marked trails.

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Home of animals

  • Animals accepted: Yes
  • Dogs on a leash


Departure parking: in the center of Montferrat, near the church

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