Distance: 4.7 km
Duration (average) : 1h
Level: Suitable for beginners
Level: Special family with children
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Elevation: 120 D +
Departure: Voiron
In the city
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


This route invites you to follow in the footsteps of the painter Lucien Mainssieux by offering you the bucolic atmospheres of the Bois Joli hillside, decorated with wide viewpoints, all a stone's throw from the town center of Voiron.

Voiron is a city that has inspired local painters or passing through.
Since the 1885th century, many artists have stayed there to represent its landscapes and monuments. Among them, Lucien Mainssieux, born in Voiron in XNUMX, is a painter in love with his hometown. He walked through the streets with brushes and canvases in hand. Living on avenue d'Haussez, he crisscrosses this district and walks along the small streets and paths that lead to the heights of the city, in search of a point of view, an atmosphere, a decor.

Brush, pencil or camera in hand, do like him!

Stages of the circuit:
- Voiron Tourist Office
- Voiron Saint-Bruno
- The bouverie
- Pretty Wood
- La Thivollière via the Camet
- Pretty Wood
- St. Vincent Street
At the end of a tarred corner on the left,
- Haussey Avenue
- Grenette Street
- Grande Street
- Rue Banche de Cour
- Place Léon Chaloin- Mainssieux Museum
- Geneva Street
- Place Saint-Bruno
- Voiron Saint-Bruno

Points of interest

Musée Mainssieux
Cultural heritage

Mainssieux Museum

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