Distance: 14.2 km
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Elevation: 430 D +
Departure: Villages of Lake Paladru
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Leaving from the Paladru Beach car park, you will join the GR65 (Saint Jacques de Compostelle) GR3 via the Côte Simandre on the Paladru "Mountain". You will then go to Brézin before returning via the XNUMX crosses and its superb panorama of the lake!

Stages of the route:

- Paladru beach
- Simander
- Simandre Coast
- Brezin
- Way of life
- Simandre Coast
- Brunett
- The Three Crosses
- Doorbell
- The prairies
- Paladru beach

Topo/step by step: 
Benefit from voice guidance on OnPiste: https://www.onpiste.com/explorer/destinations/pays-voironnais-426

Points of interest

Musée archéologique du lac de Paladru
Cultural heritage

Paladru Lake Archaeological Museum

Chemin des marais de la Véronnière et du Courbon

Path of the Véronnière and Courbon marshes

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No. 66: Simandre Coast

Paladru Beach car park

38850 Villages of Lake Paladru

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