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Videos produced for the Pays Voironnais Tourist Office by professional agencies or gleaned from our network of partners!

The Pays Voironnais is a land of trails!

14 permanent courses, of all levels and on varied terrain with 5 departure sites, all in a remarkable environment, with breathtaking views! You don't believe us? The proof in pictures…

New: be ready to challenge yourself on the Pays Voironnais Trail Series !

The Pays Voironnais on the Chartreuse side

The Pays Voironnais is a territory with multiple facets. Here is its more mountain side on the foothills of Chartreuse. After the hills of Valdaine and Lac de Paladru, or even the plain of Isère, discover the Pays Voironnais on the Chartreuse side in pictures: trail running, paragliding, mountain biking, panoramas on foot or by bike….

With the family at Lake Paladru

Nicknamed the "Blue Lake" for its colors from turquoise to emerald, Lake Paladru lets you bath in waters measured at 25°C in the summer! The many nautical and outdoor activities nearby make it an ideal setting for a family day out. The proof is in the pictures!–Kk2kAc

10 magical experiences in Pays Voironnais

Do you know the Pays Voironnais? Do you live there? Located less than 1 hour from Grenoble, Lyon, Valence and Chambéry, it offers a range of activities all year round! Discover in pictures our 10 ideas for breathing here, exercising, escaping, tasting... in short : simply enjoying!

A territory of excellence surrounded by nature

A territory recognized for the practices of outdoor sports: trail, running, mountain biking, hiking, water sports... A playground with very varied places of practice (hills of Lake Paladru, city courses in Voiron, plains, slopes of the Chartreuse foothills…) and accessible to all levels!

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You are athletic but do you prefer it on foot or by bike, maybe both? In reality it doesn't matter, with us there is something for everyone! Even for family or friends accompanying you <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="" src=""> The proof is right below.

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