You will find some useful and practical services in our reception offices, with the travel counselors! Ticket offices for shows and festivals, through the sale of fishing licenses and navigation rights, as well as recharging your Ou'RA card ...

The ticket offices

Event organizers are committed to making it easy for you to buy your tickets, which is why our reception desks are sales points for several ticket offices each year.

Tickets on sale at the Voiron reception desk

Transport: Ou'RA Card recharge point

Reloading your Ou'RA card is possible with the stay counselors at the Charavines reception office!

Please note that the payment methods are checks and cash only (bring change).

Unit tickets are sold on board buses or by text message, Tribu tickets and Group tickets are sold only at the Mobility Agency. Find all detailed information online : Where can I buy my titles? , Ou'RA card, all prices ...

Fishing and navigation

Fishermen friends and board sports enthusiasts of all kinds, we also sell fishing licenses and navigation rights at Lake Paladru.



Naviguer en liberté

Navigate in freedom