Circus “My Land”

November 26, 2022

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A pioneer of contemporary Hungarian circus, the internationally renowned company Recirquel brings together with My Land seven world-class Ukrainian acrobats, specialists in dance acrobatics.

An unprecedented cast, which comes to serve an artistic approach that gives full meaning to the "live performance", by combining classical and contemporary dance, theater, circus and art of movement.

The musical universe refers to the roots of the acrobats. Tatar, Moldavian and Ukrainian folk motifs collected by composer and ethnomusicologist Miklós Both were a source of inspiration for composers Edina Szirtes Mókus and Gábor Terjék, to create the final musical framework for this production.

My Land invokes the oldest myths of humanity, sublimated by breathtaking acrobatics, pushing the limits of the human body. Pure magic.


Saturday 26 November 2022 between 20 pm and 21 pm.


Reduced price: €25, Adult: €28, Child: €12, Student: €15.

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