Goldman Tribute Concert

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On the occasion of Jean-Jacques Goldman's 70th birthday, Heaven Live Band revisits its musical universe: 8 artists on stage, united in tribute to Goldman, in an entirely live concert. Reservation strongly recommended.

You all know his songs: hits with deep and touching lyrics. Songs so well written that the biggest stars have called on him to write them unforgettable titles. "Envy" for Johnny Halliday for example or "So that you still love me" for Celine Dion. Songs with catchy and timeless melodies.

For the duration of this show, you will find yourself a few years earlier, you will sing the immortal songs of JJG as you remember.

Refreshment bar and snacks on site.


Saturday 28 January 2023 at 20 am.
(Doors open at 20 p.m.).


Single price: 20 €.