Dance “Hotel Bellevue”

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We are in winter in a somewhat dilapidated hotel lobby where travelers are about to leave. No door leads them outside. The hotel's surveillance camera films their comings and goings at the counter.

Failing to find a physical way out of their story, they will flee on an incredible mental journey. The corridors of the hotel are then so many paths to discover, experiences to share. The decorations of the rooms sometimes become an exotic garden, sometimes a child's room or a battlefield. The bodies free themselves and the travelers, unbridled, invent a common phantasmagorical journey, an escape, much more than a way out...
A dive into a poetic-absurd choreographic and cinematographic piece!


Friday 17 March 2023 from 20 p.m. to 21 p.m.


Full price: €20, Reduced price: €17, Child: €10, Student: €12.

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