“Dorothy” Theater

November 29, 2022

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This is the story of a woman, Dorothy Parker. Novelist, resistant, theater critic, screenwriter, great pen of the New Yorker. The history of American women too, at the time of prohibition and their access to the vote.

Dorothy doubts, she drinks, struggles, bored to death, she is alone. It is poetic and dramatic. Until his last moment, and even beyond death. And from there come the laughter and the tears.

Zabou Breitman brings this extraordinary woman back to life based on five of her short stories. Alone on stage, the actress recreates the atmosphere of the 1920s, adjusting the lights herself, wearing the outfits worn by Dorothy Parker, playing both the novelist and her texts. An intimate encounter with a romantic character.


Tuesday 29 November 2022 between 20 pm and 21 pm.


Reduced price: €25, Adult: €28, Child: €12, Student: €15.

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