Outside the Walls – “David Lafore” concert

01 October 2022

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From album to album, David Lafore deploys his poetic and musical universe without worrying about categories, conveniences or the spirit of the times. His mischievous and wacky texts, but always straight-forward, to sometimes frenetic pop rhythms...

... this gives a crazy song in the tradition of Brigitte Fontaine, Philippe Katerine and other lunar and wacky Pierrots.
Each of his countless concerts is unique and no one can predict what will happen. He moves his audience from giggles to melancholy darkness with a very singular charisma. His latest album, La tête contre le mur, was born from an unexpected encounter with… composition software, which allows him to explore new sound spaces, between rap and pop, synthetic rhythms and acoustic guitar. Decidedly unclassifiable


Saturday October 1, 2022 from 20 p.m. to 22 p.m.


Reduced price: €10, Adult: €10, Child: €8, Student: €10.