"Petra" show

02 August 2023

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Petra is an invitation to a mythological journey, a return to our primitive origins. This show by the Cie Folle allure speaks of exile and the search for identity, of these pitfalls that make us grow, these horizons that invite us to escape.

...What we constantly build and deconstruct, to always move forward in the paths of our lives. What we destroy, that sometimes we regret, but sometimes frees us... What we leave behind, what builds us, what we become.

He brings together on stage an aerialist on a smooth rope and manipulator of stones and a vocal artist and musician, around a work based on organic matter (rope/stones/voice). A road that crosses space, 30 stones, 30m of rope, to tell this path.
Leaving with one's history, one's baggage, one's weight, one's life, one's beliefs, one's limits, one's doubts; abandon them one by one on the road and feel light, and fly away, and BE, and LIVE.

Show from 6 years old - Duration: 50 min.
Aerial and sung fable for a woman on the way (circus - music - poetry).

Think carpooling and bring a plaid to sit on!

Tips and Suggestions : Enjoy the setting and an exceptional opening of the Grange until 19 p.m.!



  • Special family with children


Wednesday 2 August 2023 at 20 pm.


Adult: €5, Child: €2 (10-18 years old).

Free for less than 10 years.

By reservation required (limited places). Opening of the ticket office from June 30.

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Online payment


From Grenoble A 48, direction Lyon, exit Rives, then D 520 to Oyeu and D17 to Le Pin.