“Ratiti Ratata” show

29 August 2022


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Hidden in the coffee grinder to escape the cat, the little kitchen rat tells him stories... A funny and tender show, full of whimsical poetry that touches young and old. Theater of objects, tales and songs are in the spotlight!

Come and enjoy a fantastic moment with the musical tale of Marine Magrini!
But how do you escape the kitchen cat that is watching him at all times? By entertaining him with stories and songs! I who am in the kitchen, I heard everything: the story of the little girl carried away by the wind, that of Poulette Glossette who was in love with a rooster, the captain in the middle of the storm, the song of the Troll hidden under the bridge, Lady's lullaby at night...
So watch and listen your turn…



  • Special family with children


Monday August 29, 2022 from 18 a.m. to 18:45 a.m.