Street-art wall by Léo Cussac: For a culture of life

To 09 December 2023


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Street-art, fresco on the facade of the TEC! Léo Cussac is a young artist from Grenoble, who grew up in the Pays Voironnais. He has been drawing since childhood, drawing inspiration from comics and the world of illustration...

... He started graffiti in Grenoble, which led him to learn the techniques of mural painting. He works with paints, sprays and markers.

"In my artistic practice, I am increasingly interested in the concept of the living and the question of its absence in the dominant Western culture, which considers human beings as separate from "Nature".
I draw animal and plant figures entangled in architectures, to express the idea of ​​leaving room for the living in us, to let it inhabit our physical world and our mental world."


From 09/09 to 09/12/2023, every day.


Free access.

Home of animals

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