A path along the Fure allows you to discover a fish passage and a pond created in the 18th century for the needs of the industry.

A site preserved for its ecological interest, thanks to the will of the ACCA of St Blaise, eager to safeguard its wild and natural character.
This clogged pond, progressively condemned, invaded by woody plants and deserted by waterfowl, has been recreated in this humid space since 2002 by trotters.
"If the Fure was told to us": The long history of this river survives a few bodies of water and many canals which tell us about the work of the men of this "singular valley". 25km of industries at the end of the 67th century - thanks to good water management - driving force - by the '' union of factory workers '' - XNUMX factories listed!
In Le Rivier, the Faure and Guinet weavings spread over the hillside: a factory - convent where 200 workers worked at the beginning of the XNUMXth century! An artificial pond constituted a water reserve to operate the turbines which ensured the operation of the plant: this is the origin of the pond of the Côte Manin.
If the name of Côte Manin intrigues you, look at how steep the left bank of the Fure is in this place and this toponym of `` coast '' is found upstream: Côte Pommier, Côte des Sablières as well as downstream Côte Fournier: Fournier, Manin, quite common last names in the region.
In 2005 this pond became the property of the municipality of St Blaise du Buis; in 2007, it received the ENS label and a plan for preserving and interpreting the sensitivity of the environment was established, a safeguard approach joined by the municipality of Apprieu in 2012.
The restoration of this pond was carried out in conjunction with the fishing company which fitted out the `` fish passage '' giving this site great ichthyological interest.

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