Distance: 9.1 km
Level: Green Level - Easy
Elevation: 270 D +
Departure: Charavines
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Departing from the Tourist Office, this easy route passing under the Clermont tower will take you to the Croix des Cochettes, before descending to the greenway to reach the Bois d'Amour. Cut and transport of wood prefer the weekend!

At the cross of the gilts, take advantage of the panorama which is offered to you on the lake while going down.

Tour stages:
- The Vannes
- Grove
- Ayguebelle
- The Souchet
- The Poype
- The Croix des Cochettes
- Large wood
- Charavines Tourist Office

Topo/step by step: 
Benefit from voice guidance on OnPiste: https://www.onpiste.com/explorer/destinations/pays-voironnais-426

Points of interest

Aire de détente Le Bois d’Amour

Le Bois d'Amour relaxation area

Grange de Louisias
Cultural heritage

Louisias barn

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Our contact details

No. 63: The Great Plato

In front of the Tourist Office

230 rue des Bains

38850 Charavines

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