Distance: 22.8 km
Level: Black level - Very difficult
Level: Reserved for experts/confirmed
Elevation: 1690 D +
Departure: Voreppe
Recommended period (s): Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Departing from the Chalais monastery, this alpine route allows you to discover the Sûre and Banettes sector. This course is intended for seasoned trailers due to the technical nature of the terrain and the length.
Circuit impractical in case of snow.

This alpine course is intended for seasoned trail runners due to the technical nature of the terrain and the length. It allows you to discover the sectors of Grande Sure and Banettes.

After a comfortable start on the wide forest track to the Roize shelter, the route descends in a single track into the Roize gorges (be careful in wet weather, exposed area with cable). The long ascent to Charminelle is sometimes technical while playing with the stream (Gourhauts waterfall). After Charminelle, the route plunges into a wild sector towards the Infernet. A sector in false flat then leads by the “stony” Combe des Veaux to the Alpine pastures of Valouse, Col de la Sure which allows access to return to the top of the Grande Sure (250 m of elevation gain).

The return is made comfortably through the Hurtière mountain pastures (water point), the Col d'Hurtière, the chalet des Bannettes (water point). A beautiful descent, first panoramic then forest, begins via Côte Charvet. . Be careful in the chimney of Mt-St-Martin in wet weather: rocky ground and in places polished. The final ascent to the monastery takes place over turbulent terrain in a beautiful forest symphony.

The stages of the course:
- Chalais Monastery
- Roize shelter
- Charminella
- The Infernet
- The Combe des Veaux
- Velor
- Col de Sure (A / R Grande Sure)
- Col d'Hurtières
- Vararey Meadow
- Chalet des Banettes
- Côte Charvet
- Foot of the Côte Charvet
- Spain
- Fireplace of Mont-Saint-Martin
- Chalais Monastery

Topo/step by step: 
Benefit from voice guidance on OnPiste: https://www.onpiste.com/explorer/destinations/pays-voironnais-426

Points of interest

Biscuiterie Saint Dominique

Biscuit factory Saint Dominique

Belvédère de Chalais et sentier sensoriel

Belvedere of Chalais and sensory trail

3 km 1h Easy 87 D +

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No. 72: The balconies of the Grande Sure

Chalais Monastery

4581 Chalais Road

38340 Voreppe

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