Distance: 10.8 km
Level: Blue level - Moderate
Level: Suitable for beginners
Elevation: 400 D +
Departure: Saint-Geoire-en-Valdaine
Recommended period (s): Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter


INFO 16/03/21: Forestry work in progress, circuit not recommended. This marked course, without technical difficulties and over a fairly short distance, allows you to discover the practice of trail running through some remarkable sites ...

... Château de Longpra or de la Lambertière, valley of the Gorge ...

Higher up, the woods and Mont Servelongue are discovered through a very fun forest course that is well suited to trail running. A ridge section then offers beautiful horizons to lovers of distant views before plunging back to Saint-Geoire.

The stages of the course:
-Combe Versoud
- La Chaffardiere
- Servelongue
(Mont Servelongue)
(Little Consuoz)
- La Chaffardiere
-Combe Versoud

Before leaving, go to the warm-up area of ​​the Multi-rando resort!

Please note: forestry work will last several months in the areas of Le Donni, Servelongue, Larembert, La Savoyère on Saint Sulpice des Rivoires.

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  • Blue level - Moderate
  • Suitable for beginners